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Binendwines buys small parcels of wines from the clearance market at considerable discount to the original price, then passes the savings on to you.

Here you will find unusual varietals and hard to find wines, along with many familiar styles, where you can save up to 50% on the normal retail price.

It is this ever-changing catalogue that appeals to current customers, enabling them to try many different wines at bargain prices.


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Binendwines is still open for business during these troubles times.

We have been somewhat overwhelmed by the number and size of orders recently, so much so that our stocks, which more than covered our previous turnover, have become slightly depleted. We are continuing to look to source more wines to offer you but please bear with us.

Menwhile there's still some great bargains to be had and enough choice to put together a case or two to enjoy at home.





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Blackstone, Winemaker's Select - Merlot

At Blackstone, they know that what matters is taste. If a wine tastes good, then it’s a good wine. So, they craft all of their wines in their signature artisan style—consistent, smooth, balanced, and perfect for any occasion.

£7.95 / bottle(s)

Sells elsewhere for up to

You save 34 %
In stock

Grant Burge - Cabernet Sauvignon - South Australia

Meet the epitome of great wine, the Grant Burge Benchmark Cabernet Sauvignon Wine, a premium, fruit driven wine with good balance between aroma and flavour.

£7.95 / bottle(s)

Sells elsewhere for up to

You save 28 %
In stock

"Breezy Bianco" - Veneto I.G.T.

Another white wine from the defunct Jamie's Italian chain. Breezy Bianco is a superb blend of Garganega and Trebbiano from one of the very best winemakers in north-east Italy. Fruity, crisp and fresh.

£5.75 / bottle(s)

Sells elsewhere for up to

You save 47 %
In stock

Sauvignon Blanc - Friuli D.O.C.

Superb Sauvignon Blanc from one of the very best wineries in Friuli, north-east Italy, made in the New Zealand style by master winemaker Matt Thomson. Incredible value.

£6.25 / bottle(s)

Sells elsewhere for up to

You save 37 %

Bona Vita - Merlot - South Eastern Australia

A very good Merlot primarily intended for the up-market restaurant trade and offered here at a fraction of its usual price.

£5.75 / bottle(s)

Sells elsewhere for up to

You save 24 %
In stock

"Proper Fizz" - Prosecco - Veneto D.O.C.

A very good Spumante Prosecco produced by a top winemaer in Veneto for the "Jamie's Italian" restaurant group and now available at retail for a fraction of its original price. 

£7.95 / bottle(s)

Sells elsewhere for up to

You save 20 %