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  • Enquiries BIG or small: sales@binendwines.co.uk
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ULTIMATE PROVENCE, Côtes de Provence Rouge

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  • Vintage: 2017
  • Origin: Côtes de Provence, France
  • Taste guide: Aromas of ripe red fruits, such as cherries and raspberries, along with hints of spices and herbs. There are luscious fruit flavours, complemented by subtle undertones of black pepper, cocoa and a touch of Mediterranean herbs. This wine has velvety smooth tannins, impeccable structure and well-integrated acidity.
  • Food match: It pairs beautifully with hearty dishes, juicy beef burgers and/or generally red meat dishes.
  • 75cl - 13% - Natural Cork Opening
  • Attractive lined/edged bottle

Ultimate Provence is a reputed terroir and eco-friendly vineyard located at the foot of the Notre-Dame-des-Anges Mountain and the verge of the Maures plain in La Garde Freinet. It also provides accommodation to visitors and interested individuals. It spreads over an area of 114 acres, offering a casual and fun way of understanding, appreciating, and discovering the joys and satisfaction of wine.

The vineyards of Ultimate Provence provide a contrast between the traditional and modern styles. Their primary range is conventional but with a unique urban twist. The properties remain set in the environment of the wild countryside and span over 100 acres across the town. The area's soil is shallow, laid on a subsoil slab of sandstone that does not allow water to seep through. This characteristic of the terroir allows excellent enrichment and nourishment of the soil. It gets accompanied by natural compost of decaying and dead vine stalks and oak leaves.

The winery prides itself in its welcoming and vibrant atmosphere through its lodgings, wines, and vineyards in their delicate and delightful settings. Overall, the gentle pace and exposure to the vines and the seasons allow for an enriching experience.

Ultimate Provence has over two centuries of history and experience of winemaking. Nevertheless, they are pioneers in creativity, modern approach, and innovation. They are bold enough to incorporate changes as and when necessary. That may be the principal reason why they serve as a boutique hotel alongside their winery business. However, it does not mean that they lack in either of their jobs. Ultimate Provence possesses the qualities required to be a wine estate and a hotel. For the latter, they even offer a pool, a bar, and a restaurant to all its customers. The hotel is also an excellent location to organize seminars and private events.


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