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Bodegas Forlong, Mon Amour



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Golden yellow in colour this wine lives up to its name: a labour of love! Complex, with aromas of caramelised bannana, tropical fruit and just a hint of citrus. In the mouth, the fruit flavours are complemented by refreshing salinity.

Vintage: 2017

Origin: Cadiz, Spain (Palomino Grape)

Taste guide: Dry, medium-full bodied. Topical nose, a hint of balsamic & caramelised banana with citrus tinges that continue on a complex palate, balanced acidity lovely long finish - French Barrel 'oaked' for 12 months

75cl - 12.5% - Cork opening - ORGANIC WINE

Vegan_Friendly Vegan and Vegetarian friendly

The veritable new kids on the block, Bodega de Forlong have only been selling their wines since 2014 and are shaking up the staid world around Jerez.

The only organically certified operation in the area they cultivate tiny parcels of Palomino, Pedro Ximinez and Tintilla Rota. Mixing it up with some Merlot and Syrah they are creating something fresh and vibrant from this most traditional of regions and it is immediately noticeable as soon as you see the quirky labels that the wines are anything but boring.

Bodega de Forlong focus solely on quality and not quantity of the indigenous Palomino, taking great care with pruning to manage the yield. They employ biodynamic, natural and sustainable methods to manage the albariza rich soils and vines in the vineyards, including using the cuttings from pruning as fertiliser and the use of ground cover crops to re-introduce nitrogen back into the soil and to stress the vines to compete for nutrients. This also provides a suitable habitat for insects that will manage the harmful pests in the vineyard.

Hand harvested at night with only those bunches visibly ripe being picked. Chilled for 24 hours to 5° Celsius then hand sorted again to only select perfectly ripe grapes. De-stemmed then pressed in a pneumatic press whilst being blanketed in dry ice to prevent oxidation. The wine is separated from the solids through a process called desfangado (Debourbage) then decanted into French Oak vats where it ferments. After fermentation the vats are closed, with a daily stirring of the lees to add complexity to the wine.

Golden yellow in colour, evocative aromas of flowers and tropical fruits, balsamic touches that remind us of its origin, caramelised banana and citrus notes. On the palate it is equally complex and attractive, with a marked but balanced acidity and salinity that characterizes the terroir of Balbaína. Wide, long and elegant. A pleasure.

Food Pairing: Try this wine with a seafood paella or tuna steaks.

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