Côte Lavande Malbec, Vin De Pays D’OC

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Vintage: 2017

Origin: Languedoc, Southern France

Taste guide: Full bodied, dry with a divulge of black fruit flavours on the palate. There is a perfect balance between acidity & tannins and a gentle, soft finish - unoaked

75cl - screwcap closure - 13.5%

Food Pairings: Best served with grilled steak, Cote de Boeuf & other barbequed meats. Why not try with a Sunday roast beef!?

A ‘tip of the hat’ to the light-hearted, forward thinking style of the late 1920’s, inspired by the bright, vibrant Art Deco travel posters of the time, Côte Lavande will take you back to those very days of sunshine, travel and carefree decadence.  Bringing that philosophy to a classic range of Southern French wines, produced by the enigmatic Château Canet estate in the Languedoc, Côte Lavande embodies all that is fun in life.

Produced and bottled in Southern France by winemaker Floris Lemstra, this wine was actually created for the upmarket restaurant trade including Café Rouge and was sourced by Centre Parcs before the events of the last 18 months came to spoil things!

An Autumnal dark purple hue is reflected by its dark currant/berry nose which continues on the palate where you also get hints of plums. Full bodied pleasant mouth-feel with positive acidity balanced on the soft finish.

£27.95 per bottle in Cafe Rouge or £9.75 large glass / £6.95 for a small glass - less than that is our entire bottle price at just £6.85

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