Rawson's Retreat - Cabernet Sauvignon - S.E. Australia

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Vintage: 2018

Origin: South Eastern Australia - Rawson's Retreat Wines

Taste guide: Medium bodied, blackberry and blackcurrant fruit flavours, hints of spice, chocolate and mocha, lightly oaked.

75cl - 13.5% - natural cork closure

Rawson's Retreat wines were affectionately named after the family cottage built by the founder Christopher Rawson Penfold in 1845, one year after he planted his first vines on his property in Magill. They are part of the Penfold group of winemakers.

Grapes for this wine were sourced from select vineyards in the Riverina area and vinified at Penfold's winery. A small proportion of the finished wine was aged in oak and then back-blended to produce a smooth, lightly oaked final wine.

The wine has an exceptional depth of ruby red colour. The nose offers choc-mint and blackberries, with hints of cassis. Concentrated blackberries and dark berry fruits spread across the palate. Balanced tannins add to the structure and plushness of the fruit. Medium to full bodied but balanced with natural fruit sweetness and spiciness from clever use of oak continues these flavours. 

The ideal wine to complement roasted meats and rich tomato-based pasta.

Note that this wine is now discontinued by the winemakers. The brand Rawson's Retreat is now given over to a range of non-alcohol wines which are stocked by all major supermarkets. Obviously being non-alcoholic they attract no duty and sell for considerably less than a proper wine, so price comparisons are invalid.

Personally, we don't get non-alcohol wines - it's like making a motor car without wheels. It is a product that goes against its basic purpose and definition. A car is not a car without wheels and cannot be used as such - a wine is not a wine without alcohol!

Sermon over, when this range was available, they commanded prices of around £8.99 - at Binendwines just £6.50.


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