Condorito - Merlot - Central Valley, Chile

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Vintage: 2018

Origin: Central Valley, Chile - Concha Y Toro

Taste guide: Medium bodied, plum, cherry and berry fruit flavours, unoaked

75cl - 13% - screwcap

Condorito Merlot is produced by Viña Luis Felipe Edwards, one of Chile's leading family-owned wineries, who are dedicated to producing wines of the highest quality. This wine has been expertly blended by their award-winning winemakers from premium grapes grown in Chile's idyllic Central Valley for a specific now defunct wholesaler and therefore on the clearance market at a bargain price.

The wine is bright ruby red in colour, with a violet shade. There is an appealing fruity bouquet of plum, red berries and cherries, with hints of cinnamon, spice and chocolate. This leads to a fresh, soft and well balanced palate of red fruits, chocolate and cassis. Velvety smooth with supple tannins and a long finish. The clear rounded fruity flavours are surprisingly serious and well-balanced to create a wine that is very easy to enjoy.

A lovely quaffing wine, goes with most straightforward meat dishes whose character is not too robust, such as lamb, game and Italian cuisine. It goes well with soft cheeses and, dismissing the old adage "white wine for white meat", is surprisingly good with pork too.

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