Sun & Air - Cinsault - Western Cape, South Africa

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Vintage: 2018

Origin: Boutinot wines, Western Cape, South Africa

Taste guide: Medium bodied, red berry and cherry fruit flavours, slight sweet tones, spice and pepper notes, unoaked

75cl - 13% - screwcap

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians

The French winemaker Boutinot has long been expanding into many other countries and has been established in South Africa now for over 25 years.

Cinsault was brought to South Africa by French vignerons in the mid-nineteenth century and at one time was the most widely planted vine of any, red or white, in South Africa. However, since the 1970s, Cinsault's popularity declined and it has bewilderingly been overlooked ever since. Boutinot has been refining and redefining its Cinsault vineyards in the last 5 years and it's great that this superb grape, the product of the Cape's cool Atlantic vineyards, is finally finding favour with wine drinkers.

For this wine Boutinot harvests grapes from vineyards from hidden corners of the Cape, containing mostly 65 year old bush vines. No irrigation is used on the vineyards and very little crop control is needed due to the age of the vines naturally restricted yield. The climate is perfect for viticulture with the low rainfall in summer months, tempered by cool afternoon breezes and the cold winters allowing the vines to rest and to build up reserves.

All grapes were picked by hand at optimal ripeness, then crushed for flavour not colour, followed by a fermentation in which the juice was oxygenated which brings a lower concentration of tannins and a higher concentration of esters - key compounds that contribute fruitiness. The result is a wine, in which red fruit dominates full off and which is full of juiciness.

A subtle light red colour with fresh aromas of red berries, cherries and a slight candy sweetness. The palate continues this cherry and raspberry fruit together with spice and pepper notes. Pleasantly tart and altogether a smooth. spicy and very easy drinking red wine.

This wine was produced for export to Canada, hence dual language labels, but has found its way on to the clearance market enabling us to offer it at the very good price of £5.95.

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