Floralba - Prosecco Extra Dry, D.O.C.

Floralba - Prosecco Extra Dry, D.O.C.

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Non-Vintage - bottled 2019

Origin: D.O.C. Veneto - "The Wine People"

Taste guide: Dry, flowers and fruit bouquet, fruity palate with clean acidity, good mousse, unoaked

75cl - 11% - mushroom cork closure


Prosecco is enjoying huge popularity at the moment, but there are very varied quality levels, a lot of it coming from inferior I.G.T regions. Floralba Prosecco Spumante Extra dry has been very carefully made in order to retain the natural characteristics of the wine and comes from the specific Denominazione di Origine Controlla region of Veneto, to the west of Venice.

Produced from 100% Giera grapes grown on vineyards situated on gentle hillside slopes in the Veneto region with a regulated planting density to ensure the vines produce the optimum fruit. The grapes were carefully picked in mid-late September when they reached full maturity but still retaining a high level of acidity that helps express the freshness and fruitiness of Proscco DOC.

The grapes were destemmed and very gently pressed in a pneumatic press. Prior to fermentation the juice was chilled to allow a natural sedimentation of the solids and juice. Selected yeasts were added to initiate fermentation. As soon as the fermentation finished the wine was racked and then cooled to prevent malolactic fermentation, in order to retain the fresh aromas. The resultant still wine was then given its fizz under the Charmat method. This entire Vinification process was under the direction of renowned winemaker, Stefano Chioccioli.

Floralba has fine bubbles, with a classic Prosecco DOC aromatic nose. The wine is very soft on the palate, offering refreshing acidity with lots of mouth-filling tropical fruit and citrus flavours. This is an enjoyable, everyday drinking wine, ideally served as an aperitif.

Note this is Extra Dry Prosecco so is not as dry as Brut Prosecco which is the main style seen on the High Street. Floralba is a much more acceptable Prosecco.

Bottled in 2019 so is very fresh and clean. 

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