No.8 Vaporetto - Prosecco Brut - D.O.C.

No.8 Vaporetto - Prosecco Brut - D.O.C.

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Origin: Bisol, Trentino, D.O.C.

Taste guide: Dry, floral and fruit bouquet, fruity palate with clean acidity, good mousse, unoaked

Named after the water taxis plying the canals of Venice which were originally steamboats - hence the name Vaporetto.

Vinified by probably the best and most well-known name in Prosecco- Bisol - and produced to a "Brut" style which is fractionally drier than the "extra-dry" Prosecco we mainly list.

Opens with agreeable floral and green apple scents with fresh green apple flavour, bright acidity and contrasting creamy smoothness and gravelly mineral. Shows livelier-than-normal spritz, finishing just off-dry.

We have just a few dozen bottles of this superb Prosecco with slightly scuffed labels - hence our fantastic price.

Sells for upwards to £12 elsewhere- at Binendwines just £7.95.

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