Barramundi - Shiraz - South East Australia

Barramundi - Shiraz - South East Australia

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Vintage; 2016

Origin: South Eastern Australia

Taste guide; Medium bodied, red plums and cherry fruit flavours, spice and pepper notes, unoaked

75cl - 14.5% - screwcap

A really smooth and velvety Shiraz produced by Barramundi Wines from grapes grown in top vineyards across the Riverina region, which straddles three states in the Murray River valley.

The colour is bright crimson red and the nose offers red fruit flavours - plum and cherry- with spice notes wafting in the air. Then as you gulp the first mouthful - small sips are near impossible - its velvety tannins glide around the palate and the rich ripe flavours of dark berries mingled with fruitcake notes fill the mouth. This is very moreish indeed.

A really lightish Shiraz but with great depth of flavour and really scrumptious.

Sells for around £7 elsewhere - at Binendwines just £5.50.

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