Croft Triple Crown Port

Croft Triple Crown Port

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Origin: Viña Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Taste guide: Sweet, rich and attractive with fresh raspberry and cassis aromas, oaked

75cl - 20% - cork closure

Like any great wine producing region Port is the result of a unique combination of climate, soil and grape which generations of human skill and dedication has allowed to express itself as great wine. Like other classic wines its appeal is timeless, as relevant today as it was over three hundred years ago when the first Croft Ports were made.

Port is a fortified wine. Following harvest the grapes are briefly crushed, then tipped into wide, shallow granite tanks known as lagares. The traditional method of crushing by feet is used - they do wash their feet beforehand - with the temperature of the juice gradually warming as the fermentation begins. The air is pungent with the smell of crushed grapes. At the right moment, when the yeasts have turned about half the grapes’ sugar into alcohol, it’s time for fortification. Colourless, neutral, young grape spirit is added – and the fermentation stops, leaving the unfermented sugar as luscious sweetness in the made port.

The final wine is then transferred to seasoned oak vats in the cool, tranquil cellars in Oporto for ageing. Croft Triple Crown is produced from a selection of these full bodied and ripe ports from the finest areas of the Douro Valley, 

Croft Triple Crown Port is a perfect finish to any meal, it can be poured by the glass and does not need to be decanted. It has a heady, almost scented quality to it. This is repeated on the mouth with raspberry, cherry and blackcurrant fruit flavours in perfect balance.

Port is one of the world’s great classic wines and no meal, formal or informal, is complete without it.

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