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At Binendwines we often put together a trial case at a bargain price to enable you to taste various wines at even better prices.

Many other larger Internet Wine sellers also do this in order merely to lure you into a monthly ordering system These cases may look like amazing bargains but bear in mind that these are their own wines, so they set a very high selling price in the first place to make it look like a substantial reduction.

Once you are on their monthly system you will end up paying way over the top for what are often basic wines.

The savings shown against this wine selection are based on genuine, third party prices elsewhere. Moreover we do not ask you to commit to further purchases.

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A trial case of Chilean wines - 3 reds and 1 white - 3 bottles each.

Sells elsewhere for up to

£62.50 / 12 bottle(s)
You save 39 %

In stock