With more hectares under cultivation than any other country, Spain can claim to have the number one spot in terms of vineyards, though it only comes in at number three in total production, as many of its wine regions are sparsely planted.

This is a country packed with every style of wine imaginable, and its winemaking has been undergoing a minor revolution for a number of years now.

This is the home of Tempranillo, the mainstay of Rioja, Navarra and many other regions, though its name changes according to the region where it is grown. Garnacha and Monastrell (Grenache and Mourvèdre respectively in France) are also key to Spain’s reds – the former lends its name to the strawberry scented rosés of Navarra.

But the unsung heroes of Spain are its white wines. Despite the high average temperatures in the country, these are among the freshest whites in the world, with Albariño, Viura (Macabeo) and Verdejo shining examples of quality.

But if the reds, whites and rosés form the base of Spain’s wines, the magnificent Sherries and fortified wines of the south, along with the unique sparkling wine from the north, Cava, top it off splendidly.

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Rioja Tinto from the sub-region of Rioja Alavesa and produced in the medieval town of Laguardia, produced in the newer style of minimal oak ageing.  Medium bodied and full of blackberry and dark cherry fruit flavours and typical vanilla and strwberry finish.  

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Delicate and subtle, with mineral notes combined with an explosion of white pear, tropical fruit and citrus notes, with an elegant aromatic touch of Mediterranean herbs and fennel. A balanced wine, with character, delicate and silky in mouth but with body and personality.

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