About us


Binendwines is run by husband and wife team, Brian and Margaret Binns, and is based in Loughborough, Leicestershire. The company name is derived from the past practice of traditional wine merchants who stored their imported wines in bins. When a wine was down to the last few dozen bottles, it was often sold off at a discount as a “bin end”. The name therefore reflects the philosophy of selling wines at discount prices. Binendwines is also conveniently a pun on our surname; Brian wanted to call the company “Oddbins” but someone beat him to it!

Brian had over 12 years experience in the drinks trade when a redundancy some 25 years ago pushed him into self-employment. Binendwines was born out of the not so original idea that if one buys in quantity, in this instance a case of wine, then it should be better value. Surprisingly he had noted that a lot of “case only” wine sellers were actually overcharging for their wines, often by a considerable amount. Even to this day many still do. The business ticked over in tandem with another totally different agency, and was concentrated solely on the East Midlands. With the termination of the other business in 2008, Brian realised that to make Binendwines a viable, stand-alone operation, he would have to expand, and this website is the result. Brian is the mainstay, being the buyer, the packer, the dispatcher, and, for local customers, the deliveryman. Margaret handles phone calls when they come in, and deals with the paperwork.

The wines we stock form an eclectic bunch. In the ever-changing world of big business wine, there are always wines being sold off at a fraction of their original cost for varying reasons. For instance, a small company is taken over, and the larger company just clears out all the unwanted lines; plus sadly there are many bankruptcies, and then importers regularly want to move to a newer vintage etc etc. Whatever the reason, the flow of discount wines continues unabated. Brian has contacts within the wholesale discount market, and selects and buys those wines which he feels will appeal, are good enough to put his name to, and offer fantastic value. In addition we stock a range of New World wines from selected importers; wines which are exclusive to the Independent trade.  

All wines are tried before buying. It's a hard job, but somebody has to do it.

Basically, if we don’t like it, we don't think that you will, and we won’t buy it.

Brian and Margaret have a penchant for slightly different wines, so here you will find grape varieties and wine styles that you would rarely see in supermarkets or chain wine stores. It is this diverse and ever changing range, coupled with a stock of regular wines, that has been of appeal to lots of loyal, local customers.

We hope this formula can entice you to try us too.

You can contact us on info@binendwines.co.uk or by phone 01509 554257, mobile 07929 847138