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Bush Telegraph - Pinot Grigio - S.E. Australia

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Vintage: 2018

Origin: South Eastern Australia 

Taste guide: Dry, apple and ripe nectarine fruit flavours, chopped nuts on the aftertaste, unoaked

75cl - 12.5% - screwcap

A very good Pinot Grigio wine made from grapes grown in the best vineyards in the South Eastern region of Australia. Pinot grigio is most famous in Italy, but here this well-travelled grape has produced a wine made in the style of the New World: juicy, smooth, tasty, fruity.

The fruit was harvested at night and in the early morning to avoid oxidisation. Vinification was a traditional method with a long alcoholic fermentation at a controlled low temperature.

The resultant wine is pale straw yellow colour with a greenish tinge. The aroma is replete with notes of honey dried apples, pears and fig jam. It is medium bodied and has a silky texture in taste. Notes of apple pie, ripe nectarine and chopped nuts are present in the aftertaste. 

Bush Telegraph Pinot Grigio perfectly complements chicken and all poultry, and all white meats. Or just drink it on its own and think of a the summer days to come!

Produced specifically for the Bibendum group and sold primarily in restaurants, where it has been seen for up to £30 would you believe.

Yet another wine coming to the clearance market due to restaurant closures during the lockdown.

Has been noted in a few online outlets for prices up to and over £7  - at Binendwines just £5.55.

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