United States

United States

Americans owe a lot to the Spanish missionaries of the late 18th century. Not only did they introduce winemaking to the country, but the sacramental servings of their descendants also kept the nation’s palates wet during the dry days of Prohibition.

The U.S.A. has come a long way since then. California’s vast terrain, responsible for 95% of US wine production has blossomed into a dynamic region producing a variety of styles from its ranges of temperatures. Washington State, further north, has its own micro-climate particularly The Columbia Valley, where superb wines are produced.

Cooled by the morning breeze of the Pacific, with enduring heat to follow, the west coast of the U.S. is capable of producing everything from an everyday “two buck, chuck” to world class contenders.

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At Blackstone, they know that what matters is taste. If a wine tastes good, then it’s a good wine. So, they craft all of their wines in their signature artisan style—consistent, smooth, balanced, and perfect for any occasion.

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