Spain's own red grape, grown widely across northern and central Spain, but perhaps best known as the grape of Rioja. Navarra also produces some very good wines, comparable to Rioja, but at far better prices. In other regions it used to have many synonyms (Cencibel, Tinto Fino), but winemakers have since realised that the name Tempranillo is known to consumers, and it is consequently now used on labels in those areas.  It makes elegant wines with good colour and balanced acidity, with a tremendous combination of wild strawberry and tobacco flavours. It can be made into lovely, young, fruity wines, or can age beautifully in oak, where it develops wonderful vanillan tones. Also grown in South America and Australia.

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Rioja Tinto from the sub-region of Rioja Alavesa and produced in the medieval town of Laguardia, produced in the newer style of minimal oak ageing.  Medium bodied and full of blackberry and dark cherry fruit flavours and typical vanilla and strwberry finish.  

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