Grenache (Garnacha)

Grenache (Garnacha)

Grenache (Garnacha)

This light coloured grape is a quintessentially Mediterranean red variety.

As a result it often mingles the classic Mediterranean garrigue scents of thyme, fennel and rosemary with white pepper and its warming, raspberryish fruit flavours. It tends to be low in tannin and hence soft and supple and is often  blended with Syrah (Shiraz), with both constituents complementing each other.

As Garnacha in Spain it is a minor constituent of Rioja, and is blended with Tempranillo in other Spanish wine regions, as well as being a single varietal.

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The best selling Aussie red wine in the Independent sector. Very fruity, soft and smooth, yet with complexity and structure. The ultimate in easy drinking.

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