One of Spain's higher quality white grape varieties, originating in North Africa, and spread to the Rueda region in about the 11th Century, possibly by the Moors. For most of this time Verdejo languished in obscurity until the 1970s when he winemaking company Marqués de Riscal began to develop a fresher style of white wine based on Verdejo. It is most successfully cultivated in high altitude vineyards where the soils are calcareous and well drained. Wines labelled "Rueda" must contain 50% Verdejo; the remainder is typically Sauvignon Blanc or Macabeo. Wines designated "Rueda Verdejo" must contain 85% Verdejo, and are often 100% Verdejo. Typically Verdejo dominated wines are crisp with soft, creamy, nutty overtones, and sometimes accompanied by notes of honey