Party Case

Available from 19/11/2020 until 19/12/2020

Sells elsewhere for up to

£62.50 / 12 bottle(s)
You save 32 %


A fantastic opportunity to try six of Binendwines' current most popular wines at an even better price.

Ideal for Christmas or New Year's parties (lockdown permitting) or just for celebrating on your own!

We have a limited number of cases and this offer ends December 19th or until stocks are sold - whichever occurs first. So, grab it while you can.



This case consists of 2 bottles each of the following wines:



La Fama - Shiraz - Central Valley, Chile

Rio Lento - Merlot - Chile

Masalto - Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile

Bona Vita - Merlot - South Eastern Australia



Rio Lento - Sauvignon Blanc/Pedro Ximenex - Chile

Runamok - Chardonnay - South Eastern Australia


Click on the links above to view each wine on our website.

The original total price of these wines is over £92.00.

Binendwines' website price if bought individually totals nearly £70.00

Our price for this party case is just £62.50 - saving almost a third on retail prices.


Note this is a genuine level of reduction, not like certain major online wine sellers who set inflated prices for their "own label" wines and then offer "reduced price" trial cases. Known as the La*thwa*te effect.

This offer is available until December 19th or until stocks are sold whichever occurs first.

No maximum - order as many as you want

Because of the way the website is set up, to be ordered in 12s.


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